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t's show, jesse ventura gets tony danza in a headlock. not really. but they're both on the show.
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>> john: why are you smiling? why are you smiling, tony? >> i'm just trying to pick this one out. i don't know who this is. >> john: oh, this is bob marley. and this is "the stephanie miller show." back to the mashups. we should play more peace songs today in light of what's going on. however, i'm john fuglesang filling in for governor miller while she's taking a well deserved vacation. joined by hal sparks. joined by the brilliant lovely sandie richards, l.a.'s own.
7:22 am
>> pleasure to be here. for the christians. >> john: they're out there. those are my heroes, too. i'm -- i feel like all we see on the news about christians are creeps screaming at women outside clinics and guys like terry jones who again the pastor who burns korans, incites violence and hung the president in effigy outside his church yesterday. hanging a black man in effigy in florida. tasteful for a church, wouldn't you all agree? >> what do i have to do to get on the news? because i'm not willing to do that. do i run around naked? the progressives just aren't that interesting. >> john: if you ran around naked, you would get on the news. erykah badu did it at daley plaza. she got on the news. >> hal: i would say that you're both getting a better picture of what it must be like to be a moderate muslim in the world. >> no kidding. >> hal: can you imagine being muslim in the world and the only video of you that they ever show -- of your religion is
7:23 am
people burning and tearing flags. >> john: my cousin is egyptian. my cousin debbie in jersey married a cousin. i grew up having a muslim cousin who a doctor who is a great guy. i never grew up with an end to hate muslims. i have friends. i have him on all the time. we don't see the moderate muslims on tv. just like we so rarely see the liberal christians. >> yeah. i know so many -- i know liberal muslims. i know so many amazing muslim leaders. we work in l.a. we work interfaith a lot. >> john: do you work with atheists? >> yeah. there is a group of humanistic jews who show up and we actually have -- are you ready for this? a pagan contingent that shows up. a wicken contingent. >> john: and atheist jews all working together downtown l.a. >> it is across l.a. but yes absolutely. we do. it is a really wonderful thing when all of those people show up
7:24 am
in city hall. attention is paid. so it is really nice to speak to be able to speak to justice and make an effective difference. >> john: you community organizers. >> i know. it's great. and the community really organizes us. that's what you learn about religious leaders is that for us, for the progressives, we really are doing as our people have demanded us to do. so that's a good feeling. >> john: i got a thing -- i mentioned this to hal during the break, mr. sparks. we're hearing mitt romney just gave a statement where he used the word apologize for the president several times. one of mitt romney's biggest lies and it is a lie he repeats again and again. is that barack obama went around the world apologizing for america. this is a lie. go look on president will ilfact. it is a lie. a lot of people have had to apologize for bush. he said the government was apologizing to the muslims. that is not the truth. what happened was -- i'm going to repeat this again. we said it in the first hour. the embassy the american
7:25 am
embassy in egypt put out a statement saying the embassy of the u.s. and cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of muslims. referring to this film that the egyptian media ran clips of in site of the violence yesterday. mitt romney is saying -- at 10:00 last night politico reported that the obama administration disavowed the statement from their own embassy in cairo to apologize. and again, it is not an apology. it is condemning the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of muslims because you have reince priebus saying barack obama is apologizing to terrorists. >> hal: the addendum to the statement is as we condemn statements of all religions. this goes to secretary clinton's point which when she made her statement, which was a human point about the cost -- her state department interacts with regularly, especially considering what we just went through in libya.
7:26 am
>> john: exactly. sandie, tell us where people can follow you. >> i have sandie follow me on twitter at sandie richards. it is with an i-e sandie, i-e not a y. you know, i'm so proud of secretary clinton and i want to talk about also susan rice who is our u.n. ambassador and both of these women are doing all they can to keep the world safer for women. because believe me, if mitt romney's end game is he wants to get elected president then go to work against what? libya or egypt or what does he want to do? with what army. because as a pastor, there are methodist soldiers who can't even return to church because of what they have seen and what they have been through. it distances them from the rest of us. and it has. they're so traumatized. it is just heartbreaking. >> john: we'll be right back with lots more on "the stephanie miller show." thank you sandie.
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7:31 am ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> they sit around in their >> john: this is "the stephanie miller show." you're lisping to believe -- you're listening to eric clapton and winston mars alice. it is like you walked into a harlem speak easy. here is clapton singing right now. i'm john fuglesang. you're watching "the stephanie miller show." joined by the great and brilliant hal sparks. sticking with us for a little longer is the reverend sandie richards. thank you for hanging out. >> great to be here. >> hal: it should come as no surprise this is the first press
7:32 am
conference i think mitt romney has done where he's actually taken questions in -- i can't remember when the last one was. >> john: i don't remember one. this is a very calculated move to varnish his foreign policy. >> hal: because he has none. as if it takes any thought any kind of legitimacy as far as -- that gives you any foreign policy credentials to stand in front of a group of people and say i strongly condemn attacks and we'll stand on our principles, like this word salad semi palin response he's been giving. while using it as an opportunity while the relatives of the dead are still being informed to -- as a political -- as a ham-handed political attack on the president. in an attempt to burnish his own credentials. >> john: that's the difference between a politician and a
7:33 am
leader. secretary clinton pointed out it was muslims who help carry the ambassador's body to the hospital. it was muslims who helped. no one is accusing her of capitulation. the obama administration last night did say the statement by embassy cairo was not cleared by washington and does not reflect the views of the u.s. government. so even though the cairo embassy didn't apologize just said that they condemned the efforts to hurt the feelings of muslims that's now being said by reince priebus literally that obama is sympathizing with the attack. >> sympathizing is a huge word. that's that -- that's barnishing the concept of foreign the idea that he's a secret muslim. this is a mean they're pushing now. the reason this is romney's methodology is because he's not genuinely a politician. he's not genuinely a leader in the regard of -- >> john: he's only not a politician because so many people have chosen to vote against him when he's wrong.
7:34 am
>> hal: that's true. key get elected in his state again. but in reality what he is a leveraged buyout guy. what he does is you know, from a corporate standpoint was he found -- find companies that were in trouble buy controlling interest in them by using other people's money, saddle them with debt. bankrupt them and sell off the parts. if they were not absolutely -- in the case of staples, for example, a sound business thing. they had three success ultimately this were of any major note. the rest were literally meant to be -- they made more money from the buying out and the destruction of these -- now keep in mind this is how he views the world. this is how -- if you want to break down mitt romney's methodology, his dissection and using other people's money to solve something and if it can't be solved then profit quickly from that solution. decimate it. >> john: corporate buyout
7:35 am
specialist doesn't mean he understand anything about making the national economy better. >> hal: no. >> john: reverend -- >> hal: especially for everyone. that's the difference between a political leader and a business leader. >> john: yeah. i don't think the word leader is applicable here. reverend, i don't want to ask you about mormonism per se but i want to know for you as a proifg clergy member, what is your take on governor romney? >> i continually find that i have a whole perspective of -- points of view that i'm not sure he's ever heard of. i find that he seems very kind of almost naive in a way about the way the world works. he kind of seems to think the way to solve problems is we go in with our army and we say now no, no no! don't you make me spank you! and i must punish them if they misbehave. >> john: very vague. >> it doesn't make sense. what i do know is if you want to beat the drums to war when we go to war 90% of the casualties
7:36 am
will be civilians. and then -- women and children who don't die those women are going to be raped starved traumatized because they have to run from the military. let me just -- i'm going to go a little further with this. what happens when the military comes to town? you have a bunch of hungry, young men. so i'm not just talking about sexual appetites. they need to feed the group. >> john: whose military? what do you mean by hungry, young men? >> they're going to eat all of the food. they're going to kill the chickens and eat the crops. >> john: the u.s. military does have their own ration. >> don't you think that if they could -- i'm not saying the u.s. military is necessarily doing war crimes as other military are but plenty of other military who are funded by us, are. it is a problem worldwide, we're asking for war crimes against women. we're asking for war crimes against children. we're asking for war crimes against men who are
7:37 am
noncombatants. if you look at the casualties of the u.s., how many men and women died in the iraq and afghanistan wars? multiply that by 90% and see how many people have died. and ask yourself just because they're muslim, just because their skin is brown just because their neighbor or a small minority of them have taken on this kind of violent act of attacking an embassy that's not everybody. that's a few people and if you want to use that as a band-aid excuse over your willingness to go to war then you don't understand what war is. >> john: let me bring up one thing. in fairness to governor romney, he hasn't advocated invading or occupying any countries. he's talking about strategic air strikes on iran which we don't want to see happen. >> who is that going to hurt? 90% women and children. that's my point. >> john: let me bring up president obama. a lot of progressives don't like drone strikes. and we don't like the fact that so many civilians have been killed by the drone strikes. taking a step back, it appears the reality of the situation where we are in history is that this is the dawn of a new military age, where we're
7:38 am
shifting from sending armies in and having robots go and bomb people. whether we like it or not, it is how it is going to be. >> hal: we have also moved -- if you watch the acr of war in just -- the arc of war as countries become first world countries and as we do deal with conflict in the world we have moved from giant marching armies that wipe out and decimate areas as you say that have been happening through the centuries. two, nuclear bombs dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki to carpet bombing in napalm and vietnam korea to shock and awe which are single city overattacks while leaving the areas surrounding fairly untouched in that regard. that was the thing. frighten your opponent. smaller and smaller into these surgical bombs now drone strikes. we're limiting overtime our footprint in war that is a natural arc that i think almost
7:39 am
any country in a controlled position will eventually get to. because it does not serve. the reason why we have drone strikes, the reason why -- while the bush administration would not show coffins of returning soldiers, the obama administration just doesn't want the coffins. in the first place. >> john: yeah. >> hal: no one mourns the death of a shotdown drone. sending troops into an area that, you know, can be solved via one of these especially in dealing with the type of -- insurgency here the type of foe that we're dealing with, there is no military leader who's going to go okay, i have an option. i've got a guy i know is planning -- or is attacking our troops from this area. i need to take him out. this is a war act. i'm talking about. there's no commander in the field who would go i've got 18 guys here in a troop i can send in. in a group. or i can send a drone. there is no military leader who will not send the drone.
7:40 am
there is no military leader who will not advise their superiors that a drone strike is necessary. it is now the modern version of a strike. that's the difference. now the upside of it, if there is one is that you don't have troops that need to have resources. >> i think that we're acting like just what we have now is this strike drone -- >> hal: not at all. this is the arc of war and if it is to be fought, this is where we're going to continue. by the way, it's going to get smaller and smaller. >> let me address that arc of war. >> john: i want to get back to badmouthing mitt romney. >> unfortunately, this goes to not only mitt romney but any elected president that we've had. unfortunately, the u.s. military is used to quell insurgencies. but what are really indigenous people trying to protect their land and they take up arms to protect their ancestral land
7:41 am
happening in honduras, gaut guatemala, the philippines africa. everybody has seen the brazilian protests by the indigenous people down there to stop a dam from being built. it is our money. the u.s. money that's going and drone attacks are being reported now in the philippines against so-called insurgents who are really just standing up for their ancestral lands. they don't want -- like billions of dollars worth of gold, sweet crude and so forth and you know, by the way just simple things like dole would like to plant more bananas. m&m mars wants to plant more cacao. we've been hearing reports unconfirmed but we're hearing reports of drone attacks. definitely the case that the united states is supporting the so-called war against drugs in south and central america which is where our military dollars are going down there and it's not doing anything to stop the drug trade. in fact, it is just harming women and children.
7:42 am
>> hal: the failure of the drug war i agree. >> i'm just saying i'm not such a fan of the let's just use drones. i know you're not saying that. it is not clean either. >> john: i want to bring it back -- i love it. you guys are -- i love surrounding myself with people who are way smarter than me. we have to go to break. yes, we do. >> i would say mitt romney needs a little more education about this situation and he needs a few more women in his ear about what's really the case. about what's happening to women's bodies and women's minds. >> hal: unfortunately, i don't think his belief system allows for that. we have to go to break. we'll talk about this when we come back. i don't mean his religious faith because i don't believe he's a full lot toen mormon in that record -- a full throttle mormon in that regard either. >> john: this is "the stephanie miller show." we are going to get to your calls at 1-800-steph-12. jennifer granholm is going to be coming up in the next hour as
7:43 am
well. i'm john fuglesang. we'll be right back. >> oh, i just snarfed oatmeal out my nose. it must be "the stephanie miller show." (vo) with exclusive, behind the scenes footage. >> it is a movement. (vo) don't miss stephanie miller"s sexy liberal comedy tour. >> i'm going to go cop some cheap feels.
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anybody? anybody? what time is it? oh, right. go time! [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller . [ ♪ music ♪ ] ♪ >> john: that's not just the rolling stones. that's also my ring tone on my phone. she's a rainbow. coolest ring tone you can possibly have. next to that uncle song from south park movie. "the stephanie miller show." stephanie is on her vacation. i'm john fuglesang joined by one of my heroes, the great hal
7:48 am
sparks. >> hal: before the break we were talking a little bit about -- i guess the vision of america that romney says that he has. one of the things that's been quoted about why he won't release his taxes as a bishop in the mormon church, he's to give 10% all mormons have to give 10% of their income -- >> john: tithing. >> hal: they have to have it. they have to give it! >> john: theoretically, the mormon church would know how much mitt romney made because they got 10% of all of the money he made. >> hal: yeah but they're only given -- it is an honor system to some degree. they don't actually check but if it ever came up and they were questioning you, you can be kicked out of the church for it. >> john: a lot of interesting theories. one of my favorites is he undertithed which is why he's determined to keep it secret. another fascinating secret is he doesn't want the world to know that he's doing better now than he was four years ago. >> hal: absolutely. it is amazing how many people -- this is the two -- the -- the
7:49 am
biphrenic moment -- >> john: the what? >> the schism in the brain where your brain splits into two halves, the lobes just cut them right in the middle. they're two operating factors. >> john: i thought i was bicameral but i was just confused. >> hal: that's when the human brain started believing in god as an exterior force. you heard the ideas. >> john: take credit for that. >> hal: there are these two running thoughts in the paul ryanization of the republican party that fascinate me. one is that if you don't have a job four years after the worst downturn in the american -- and you're on food stamping and all of that stuff, it is the president's fault. >> john: yes. >> hal: it is the president's fault. on the other hand, if i don't want your vote, you're a loser
7:50 am
who won't get a job. these are -- they have two thoughts in their heads about the unemployed and the president has suggested again this idea that you get a tax break for hiring the long-term unemployed. >> john: when he we see the republicans blaming this president for the poor by telling the base the poor are lazy. >> hal: you can't have it both ways. you can't have food stamps. it is not your fault, it is the president's fault even though again, the economy is double -- businesses are sitting on $3 trillion of wealth. that was at last count. that was last year. it is certainly larger now. >> john: are you better off now than you were four years ago? obviously there are people who have lost their jobs because of the economic downturn and it may have happened during obama's administration but when you look at wall street, look at the dow look at the fact that despite --
7:51 am
unemployment numbers we're no longer losing 800,000 jobs a month which is what we were losing in january of 2008. >> anybody goes are you better off than you were four years ago, ask them honestly, flatly, would you go back to the economy of january 1 2009? before the president took office as it stood? and with the trajectory it was clearly on. >> john: exactly. that's where i give credit to the stimulus. to the recovery act because that is what's -- that was the tourniquet. it didn't solve everything. i'm with paul krugman on this. i would have liked to have seen it be a much much higher stimulus. paul ryan voted -- look, this goes back to the similar argument with why there's no quote-unquote public option in the healthcare bill. there was no potential for a bigger stimulus. it wasn't going to happen. you had democrats that didn't have the spine to do it. the obama administration pushed through as much as they could.
7:52 am
>> john: it would have helped america but it was a political loser for obama at the time. >> hal: it was a political loser for all of the democrats who wouldn't support it. we had three branches of government. the media seems to forget the other two. except when -- giving speeches about how it's not their fault. the only time you ever see congress actually involved in the conversation about where our economy is, in any measurable way in the media is when they're giving a press conference about what the white house isn't doing. >> john: yes. >> hal: on both sides. republicans and democrat, only time you will see them is when things aren't happening because somebody else isn't doing their job. this is the conversation that always comes out of the house. >> john: so let me ask you a question. let's say, in a world and i know we don't have a lot of time. let's say you're advising mitt romney. what piece of advice do you give him? >> hal: get out now. >> john: you're eric fehrnstrom hal. you have to live with the etch-a-sketch shame the rest of
7:53 am
your professional life. what do you say to the governor -- do you think he's being well advised to have this fake foreign policy glow and blame the president? >> hal: no. i think the people surrounding him are saying you have to say something and this is your chance. he's making up what he's saying off the cuff. the vast majority of what he's saying is a bunch of word salad he's putting together. if i was a genuine -- if i was to roll in and -- dylan mcdermott or mulroney -- who is in the campaign -- if i was to advise him, i would say here's your script. stick to it! and we've got -- here's your -- i'm going to bring out your foreign policy advisor that has the strongest credentials of the -- i'm going to bring out your financial advisor that you also side with that's very popular. has great plans that has been bipartisan and respected. i'm going to bring out -- they're going to speak as your
7:54 am
main surrogates. you will be seen standing next to them. you're not allowed to do a press conference or a press event with pat robertson standing behind you. you're not allowed to have -- you're not allowed to have john bolton speak on your behalf. as an advisor. >> john: i think romney would be better off with you advising him and i'm glad you're not. >> hal: he wouldn't be the same candidate so he would be electable. >> john: you have to leave soon. i've begun watching lab rats. >> hal: thank you. >> john: hal and i are doing a show together, an election eve special in madison wisconsin. >> hal: yeah, very exciting. >> john: at the barrymore theatre on october 6th. sexy liberal with stephanie miller at the paramount in seattle on the 29th of september. the 27th of october with aisha tyler and stephanie miller. the four of us plus some really cool special guests i'll tell you about. that will be at the beacon and then where can people follow
7:55 am
you? >> hal: at hal sparks at twitter and of course, and my saturday show is on every -- you know, 11:00 to 1:00 central time in chicago. you can watch the stream on and we're going nationwide very soon. >> john: congratulations! >> hal: thanks. i'll have more information as we go forward but it looks like we're about a month away from that launch. >> john: if you're starved for smart talk on a saturday -- >> hal: it is a good time. >> john: governor granholm is joining us next hour. her show is moving to 10:00 p.m. >> hal: i think she's beyond awesome. >> john: we'll be right back on "the stephanie miller show." i'm going to be on with the governor tomorrow night.
7:56 am
she is awesome. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> john: this is "the stephanie miller show." talking liberally on current tv. i'm john fuglesang filling in for steph all week in spite of overwhelming popular demand. and you know, i gotta say tony, it is scary sometimes sitting here taking the wheel and driving the steph bus. i feel great knowing that i've got a gps like jacki schechner. >> aww. what do we have to do to get tony to chime in. >> john: tony, do you want to participate? >> hello. >> i've met tony in person. he's chatty and lovely. what's going on?
7:57 am
>> john: getting this guy to talk is like getting an oil painting to talk on the whwhen chris is away and tony and i are running the asylum and you're very, very forthcoming but you've got a gorgeous brilliant jacki schechner. >> i'm intimidated. [ laughter ] >> john: you know how many single women in l.a. would love to meet you? jacki, you have great taste and you're right. i'm doing my best to draw him out of his shell. >> product him a little bit. >> john: i know. tell me about it! i guess -- having said that, i'm not used to having a woman of your caliber talk to me. >> oh, please. let's do some news, folks. president obama appeared in the rose garden just moments ago to address the ambush on the u.s. consulate in benghazi that killed ambassador chris stephens and three other americans. >> as americans let us never ever forget that our freedom is only sustained because our people who are willing to fight for it to stand up for it.
7:58 am
lay down their lives for it. >> secretary of state clinton appeared alongside the president but spoke alone earlier from the state department. >> this is an attack that should shock the conscience of people of all faiths around the world. we condemn in the strongest terms this senseless act of violence and we sent our prayers to the families, friends and colleagues of those we've lost. >> one of the other three men killed in the attack is a foreign service officer named sean smith and talking points memo reports that news of his death broke first in the online gaming community. smith was an avid gamer and an online obituary posted by a friend heralded his exemplary use of diplomacy within the gaming community. the friend says while it may seem trivial to remember, a husband, father for his gaming influence, that's how his friends knew him and will remember him best. we're back with more after the
7:59 am
break. the fact that people react to him based on his racial make-up. we go back to see the poeple and events that shaped the life of a man who would become president. sir... excuse me, excuse me... can i get you to sign off on the johnson case... ♪ we built this city! ♪ don't let food hang around. ♪ on rock & roll! ♪ [ orbit trumpet plays ] clean it up with orbit! [ ding! ] fabulous! for a good clean feeling... eat. drink. chew orbit.
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and disaster relief efforts. when you use lysol at home, you'll know you're a part of something bigger. for healthy tips and more, visit (vo) always outspoken, now unleashed, joy behar. >> on tonight's show, jesse ventura gets tony danza in a headlock. not really. but they're both on the show.
8:02 am
[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪ ♪ and its a time to feel good ♪ >> john: this is "the stephanie miller show." i'm john fuglesang your fearless leader steph is on vacation this week. we wish her the best. i hope she's resting up. i want to thank hal sparks. he has an appointment. coming up in the next hour we'll be joined in studio by elayne boosler and on the phone with former congressman alan grayson -- i'm sorry former and future congressman alan grayson and the great governor jennifer granholm. we're taking your calls right
8:03 am
now at 1-800-steph-12. good night miss agnes. some of you all have been on hold for a long time. beverly is calling from kansas city, missouri. you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: oh, my goodness! i can't believe it! >> john: welcome. i hope it is worth it. >> caller: i was so mad when i first called about netanyahu's statement that after watching the entire show, now i've got a dozen things to be upset about. jon i can give you about 20 seconds to reference the one you're mad about. i want to point out that the president and president netanyahu did have an hour-long conversation in the white house last night via phone. >> caller: you know, regardless, he knows that this is a political time and that we don't need a war right now. and we don't need his opinion right now. he just needs to sit back, have a cigar and a glass of wine and take it easy.
8:04 am
because we're always behind israel. >> john: right on. you're right. go ahead. >> caller: after the show, you keep saying you're right wing. you know that's kind of soft. >> john: okay. >> caller: really need to call the right wing what it is. the fascist wing. because the right wing is not as bad as the fascist wing. >> john: i agree. but i do -- i do try to avoid saying fashest more than i have to because you know, they want to call barack obama a communist. i try to avoid too many name-callings and i try to go with adjectives over nouns but i totally get your point beverly. i thank you so much for the call and your patience online. it was benito mussolini who said fascism should be called corporatism because it represents corporate control of government. you don't hear that said by mitt romney all that much. jerry is calling us from new york. good morning jerry. you're on "the stephanie miller
8:05 am
show." >> caller: hi, john. just tongue in cheek earlier on the presentation of the piece you said this occurred on 9-11 like it is a coincidence. >> john: no, hardly. >> caller: yeah, i know it's not. the whole point is i would like to see the discussion addressed at the subminimum nal side of what's -- subliminal side of what's actually going on. basically, the american people are set up again and it reinforces a threat to them. >> john: subliminal how and set up how? >> caller: set up how because the human mind processes emotion and it does it by association. so whether it's real or not doesn't matter because most people process the emotion the threat. >> john: i don't know what you're saying but it really upsets me. >> caller: what i'm saying is you're talking about the rhetoric of the politicians but intentional events basically play off the -- the psychological, in other words, if somebody remembers an event they remember the emotion of it. >> john: right of course. >> caller: this doesn't often matter. it is often the emotion that
8:06 am
stays behind. >> john: i think you're giving people like pastor terry jones a little too much credit. >> caller: no, i'm not. well anyway, that's a whole separate issue there. you're talking about -- we're emanators of emotion and energy. emanate love or you emanate something else. >> john: right on. >> caller: that's all it is. we're direct exponent of a higher consciousness and we're not emanating that. >> john: what do you think good progressives need to do? keep on emanating love or work harder at emanating love? >> caller: no. first of all, you don't turn god into a belief system because it is not -- it has to be experiential. and most people are basically reliving their form of disassociation. >> john: of course. that's what my mom always said. >> caller: that's the whole point. in other words, you don't become smug because you rap yourself from religion. napoleon said armies run on their stomachs. institutions run on their rituals. rituals are not emnations.
8:07 am
>> john: jerry i thank you for the call. you're a smart guy and this is deep subject for a guy who traffics in fart jokes. i'll take one more call from stephanie in illinois. hi stephanie. you're on the stephanie show with no stephanie. >> caller: hi. look i've got a theory here. i don't know if it is a theory. it comes together with how we're being educated in our schools and churches. i got two examples. my nephew took a. p. classes in high school. if he was dumb, it would have been free. they let him take a class. books, "star trek," "star wars." i said he's going to college. they said well, we let the kids pick what they want. i said this is not going to get him through college. i had him take the regular english literature classes. if you're going to the churches these days, they don't teach people what they need to know. they teach them what they need
8:08 am
to keep the money coming in. while we're being educated at school. i took civics and history class. i knew what the constitution said so no one could tell me that the president can give the government -- our government over to the u.n. or take god off of money because i know better. because i was taught better. these kids aren't taught that in school anymore. churches are not about soul saving. it is all corporate. it is huge. >> john: i hear you stephanie. i thank you for the call. i wouldn't say that all churches are about that. there are a lot of soul saving that is attempted in churches but from my own catholic faith one thing i learned growing up when i was still a good church going catholic, it seems they send the liberal priests to the liberal communities and the conservative priests to the conservative communities because that lend itsself to getting old ladies opening up their pocketbooks and sending checks on sunday. oh, my goodness, who can it be here in "the stephanie miller show"? [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] none other than comedy legend,
8:09 am
the one the only, the brilliant, the elusive elayne boosler. >> big foot! >> john: i think i see a zipper. >> i can't believe he woke me up. >> john: i can't believe you were free. hal had to leave early. >> i ran into him in the parking lot. >> john: i heard a rumor you were on the west coast this week. >> i was just on the west coast of africa and now i am here. >> john: practically the same place. >> exactly the same place. >> john: great to have you here. >> thank you. thank you for having me. >> john: i know what a huge mitt romney fan you are. >> yes. >> john: i have to go to a call because we have our next guest coming and you're welcome to take part in this interview. >> i brought things for show and tell because we're on tv now. >> john: i was going to say. >> salt and pepper shakers from kuwait. >> john: we have to talk about the military. but now on the line is none other than... congressman alan grayson. good morning sir. welcome to the show. >> good morning. what have you done with stephanie? >> hey i'm not chopped liver.
8:10 am
>> is she tied up in your basement? >> john: i'm so thrilled you called in. >> try to keep a good girl down, she'll somehow escape. >> john: you're one of the elected officials who joined the sexy liberal tour on stage. you've got a standing ovation in hur home state of florida but you got a standing ovation in boston. >> it's not me. it's the show. the show is a two hour orgasm. >> john: it's not you. it is what you stand for and it is the principles you fought for in the congress and that you're still fighting for are the reasons why audiences applaud you when you walk into a room. i thank you for joining us. >> well, thank you. >> john: so i obviously have to ask you how you feel about our president's capitulation to terrorists tubed his apologies -- and his apologies the mitt romney lie machine got turned up into 11, congressman. >> no. it is not working though. if the election were held today the president would win. the democrats would take the house. the republicans would accomplish
8:11 am
nothing. >> john: how do the democrats maintain that paradigm for the next seven weeks to make that happen? >> tell the truth and watch mitt romney lie. >> john: there's vote suppression. voter suppression is turning out to be effective for them, too. >> well, we'll see. in florida that is very heavy. they're trying to take people in their 950s and -- in their 90s and have them prove their citizenship. >> john: is it is outrageous. it shows the president surging in florida. >> yes sure, particularly among older people who realize the ryan budget means eliminating guaranteed benefits under medicare raising the age of retirement. turning the money into social security trust fund over to wall street. that's what they want to do. that's what my opponent wants to do. that's not what any rational person wants to do. and they're out in the cold when it comes to the actual issues this year and having ryan just
8:12 am
proves it. >> john: were you impressed by vice president biden talking about voucher care? >> yes. i think all you need to do is explain to people in some calm, rational people who they're proposing and they run away screaming in horror. it is true up and down the line. in my particular case, my opponent wants to build 100 new nuclear plants because as he put it, nuclear power is proven safe. [ laughter ] 's wants to end the teaching of evolution in the schools because as he put it, that makes children act like monkeys. on and on like that, right, up and down the line. romney is no different from that. >> john: no, he's not. one of the most insidious lies they tell or half truths they scheme congressman is that this -- these changes paul ryan's medicare plan will not affect any seniors today. and they're right. it is only going to affect people who are 54 and under when they reach medicare age. it doesn't go into effect until
8:13 am
then. so yeah, it is going to affect tomorrow's seniors but today's seniors, it won't. they twist the language to make it seem like it will never hurt seniors ever. >> speaking as someone who is 54 i'm not happy about it. >> john: tell us how the campaign's going sir. we're really, really excited to do whatever we can to get you back. i'm working with rick overton to set up some fund-raisers for you on both coasts. we get the comedians who care about the future of the country on your side. how is the campaign going? >> it's going pretty well. what we have is we have strong tail winds helping us along. the fact is that all around the country, democrats feel like voting. and that's the best news we could have. in 2010, it hasn't wasn't true. now it is true. unfortunately, i think democrats are being motivated as much by the fear of what they stand to lose if the republicans take charge than their hope for a better world and i think that is unfortunate but that's the way it is right now. both the republicans are proposing really is horrifying
8:14 am
but in our campaign, things are going well. almost 100,000 people have come to our web site. congressman -- have made contributions. that's good because we're now -- i hate to use this metaphor but we're at ground zero when it comes to the presidential campaign and control of the senate. i'm running in orlando. florida is very much in play. both campaigns both the obama campaign and the romney campaign have run more ads in florida than anywhere else in the country. the cost of tv ads is astronomical. we may run out. we may reach the point where sometime between now and november 6th you won't be able to buy tv ads in orlando. that happened in 2010 for two weeks on one of the stations. it may happen across the board. even though they're now available, they're incredibly expensive. we need people's help to get the message out. the newspapers do nothing to convey the positionless of the candidates in any actual, real sense. the tv stations do nothing. >> john: except for current tv of course, congressman.
8:15 am
>> except for current tv, that's right. i make an exception for current and other networks which i not mention because of current. [ laughter ] >> there are no other networks. >> john: none that matter. >> only people that make money on an election are the networks. >> john: that's true. tv stations really love a campaign. >> they love it. >> john: they get to roll around in the dough. >> it is unbelievable. the cost of tv ads in orlando has tripled in the last 30 days. so it is really good people like you are helping out. >> john: do you think it makes an impact, congressman in the age of dvr and tivo, younger people who are into that technology displap their commercials and don't watch them when they play back. does that backfire on candidates? it seems like the obama campaign has been smarter about using social media than television. >> it doesn't backfire yet. i think the media is becoming more fragmented. you could see that with the conventions. far fewer people watch both conventions this year than they watched in 2008.
8:16 am
and over time, people are just sort of choosing on their own what they want to be in front of their eyes rather than letting any network decide for them. right now, because voters are so skewed toward the older audience and the older audience has less experience with the new media it is still effective. there's no other way to reach people. >> you could switch from ads to product placement. just get a walk on on "desperate housewives" or something. >> john: don't think axelrod hasn't pitched that in a meeting, elayne boosler. what did you think of the conventions? i had the honor of covering the conventions with vice president gore. >> you were fantastic. >> john: i've been wondering what you thought of both of them. i sure enjoyed watching both. i don't think they were equally effective. >> listen, with the democrats what you heard over and over again, they're looking for some way to serve people, to solve their problems. with unemployment, with health,
8:17 am
with education. the republicans continue to hope they can say that you'll be so much better off if nobody helps you and you end up in the gutter. that's the message. it doesn't matter about liberty freedom, the liberty to die without healthcare. the freedom to live under a bridge. >> john: the freedom for a 90-year-old with a pre-existing condition to buy the health insurance of their plan on the free market. >> bill clinton's line, here's their position. we screwed it up, he didn't clean it up fast enough, put us back in. >> john: absolutely. alan grayson had a better line. he said their plan is die now. congressman grayson -- >> the republican plan is don't get sick. the president actually repeated that in his speech. >> john: you get a lot of credit here. thank you for calling into us. congressman with people of earth, get this man back in the house! what a pleasure, sir. always a thrill to talk to you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> john: boosler great to have you here. >> i'll bet you're going to commercial.
8:18 am
>> john: we'll be back with the one and only elayne boosler. >> a beautifully wrapped glossy, sweet smelling show. >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show."
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8:20 am
barack was having to work out the fact that people react to him based on his racial make-up. we go back to see the poeple and events that would become president.
8:21 am
♪ joan this is "the stephanie miller show" -- >> john: this is "the stephanie miller show." this is bee gees with pink floyd. i'm john fuglesang filling in for steph all week. thrilled to have you here with us. one of the great things about the month of august for me, as a new hire at current tv was i got to do my usual gig on the eliot spitzer show and work on the convention coverage and fill in for bill press. but i was unable to go on an
8:22 am
18-day tour of the middle east to play to military bases that i had previously committed to. someone who i was supposed to tour with who got to go was elayne boosler. welcome back to america. >> thank you. i left 17 pounds in juneity. it was about 130 degrees every day. >> john: i was so excited to go to the middle east. >> you'll have to go without me next time. >> john: 18 days too long? >> the best part was the troops. it was totally surprising in every way. nothing that i expected. >> john: i love doing military shows. military audiences and liberals are the two best audiences in the world. >> it is fascinating because it is not like they're just liberals. >> john: you have a lot of conservatives, a lot of libertarians. >> here's what fascinated, they laughed or didn't laugh. then you did politics, they stared ahead. i said what is the deal. they said we're not allowed to laugh at politics. i said so you're out here
8:23 am
fighting for my free speech so they can't tell me not to say it so they told out in to laugh at it. whatever is in your pocket i get. >> john: i was in el salvador and i was told no political humor. i said on stage they told me i can't tell any political jokes. all of the troops were boo. we fight for your freedom of speech. you can say whatever you want to say. i see you brought some "star wars" salt and pepper shakers. >> these are the salt and pepper shakers. my favorite. show and tell. >>. >> john: i thought that was darth vader. >> it is a burka woman bobblehead. it was an adulteress stoning night at the stadium. the first attendees got these. >> john: it sounds like santa's sleigh. >> it is her going to heaven after they kill her for no reason. the salt and pepper shakers the sheik and his wife. these are the salt and pepper radios. >> john: we're radio on the
8:24 am
tv. >> you can't use the salt unless the pepper is accompanying it. >> john: i thought that was darth vader and a storm trooper. >> way too much. that's it. and then, of course, the ever popular russian burka nesting dolls but unfortunately she's barren. >> john: how did you buy a russian burka doll in the middle east? >> because it was made in china. we have the sheik with the whole family. >> john: i have this horrible condition called a baby. >> mos ol tov. >> john: jennifer granholm is next. it is "the stephanie miller show" on your radio, on your computer and on your current tv. we'll be right back. field with stevie nicks. she had befriended stevie nicks
8:25 am
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♪ >> john: it's "the stephanie miller show." coming to you live from beautiful burbank california on your radio on your tv, on current. and i'm john fuglesang filling in for steph joined by the brilliant elayne boosler. >> ola. >> the music is from bob dylan called duquesne whistle about to kick in full gear from his new album tempest police. i'm thrilled because it is a great week to be alive in spite of all of the turmoil in our world, there is a new bob dylan album. we have a very special guest. if you were a fan of the democratic farm convention, then you know that obama gave a good speech and michelle obama good speech. tammy duckworth good speech. one speech that mattered last
8:30 am
week, ladies and gentlemen of earth, that was the speech by governor jennifer granholm who now joins us live on the show. good morning, governor! >> jennifer: good morning. >> john: i want to start off by saying and repeating to our audience that your exquisite show "the war room" is moving to 10:00 p.m. on current tv. i'm excited about that. >> jennifer: you know what's great about it -- we have our morning meeting an hour later which is a good thing. it is a little bit tougher on folks who are on the east coast if they like to go to bed early but for folks on the west coast they can get home from work and have dinner and watch it. >> john: that's why we have dvrs. it is an excellent show. you're probably sick of it. it has been a week. i have to gush again and thank you for the most wonderful inspiring speech that -- your speech was so great, you got the vice president to go off script and give you a shout out during his speech. >> jennifer: that was awesome. but for everybody who is listening to give credit where credit is due john fuglesang
8:31 am
gave me a couple of lines in there. so thank you for that. >> john: you didn't. wow, thank you very much for revealing that. thank you. i was very honored. as i said to you before, i said this to you on air during current's excellent coverage, i got to read the speech before and i wrote to the governor that day and said this speech is dynamite in a slingshot. it is great. i was not prepared for your performance, governor. you were so impassion and yet so joyful at the same time. i've seldom seen someone of your eminence get a whole crowd going like that. you're like richard pryor and george carlin combined. >> jennifer: you know, i've given speeches at democratic conventions before. and oftentimes, i've been slotted in the afternoon, nobody's really paying attention. certainly nobody on the floor is paying attention. so you're told by the folks in the back just continue to talk. don't worry that no one is going to pay attention. your audience is really the folks back home. so that's what i was sort of expecting. i thought i would come out and i
8:32 am
would speak to the -- hoping that i wasn't going to get bumped entirely because of time space and everything. but so i just started to go and speak and all of a sudden i started to get a reaction from the crowd and when i got to the part of the speech for those who are listening and didn't get a chance to see it, i was shouting out how many jobs were saved by the auto bailout not just in michigan but across the country and every time i called out one of the states, the states went crazy. so it was like a wave that i was riding the audience caused a lot of enthusiasm in me. it was a nice feedoff thing. you know. you're a performer. if you have a good audience. >> she's going to start doing stand-up now. >> jennifer: oh, no. leave it to the pros. >> only way you would have gotten bumped is if robin williams showed up. >> he was on my plane going there. that's so funny. >> did he stop talking at any time? >> jennifer: you know what's funny. i was seated next to him. i was! >> oh, no!
8:33 am
are you still -- >> he bumped me for his son so i ended up having to switch a seat with his son. >> you're so lucky. >> john: when i filled in for your show, rick overton and i were trying to get robin to come on but then he was too busy because of his family. >> jennifer: what's up with that? >> john: governor, i'm excited for your show tonight obviously it is a very -- well, it is an intense day in the news. between what happened in cairo and what happened in libya and now seeing the rank dishonesty from governor romney and reince priebus and half governor palin about what the governor said and when he said it about the tragedies yesterday. i'm dying for your take on it. >> jennifer: in our show, "the war room," for those who haven't seen it is all about politics and "the war room" is a metaphor for campaign office headquarters across the country. and so what the heck was going on in mitt romney's war room that he puts out this statement -- >> the usual. >> jennifer: exactly.
8:34 am
the usual. putting out a statement in desperation really on a day where he was criticized. he had been criticized by the right. whether it was -- laura ingram or rush limbaugh about not being strong enough so he jumps on it. i better be strong! and before the facts come out and it looks now like -- what it was, an act of desperation him trying to look too strong. him ending up looking completely not like anybody who knows anything about diplomacy. >> john: earlier in the show, hal sparks was talking about how this was mitt romney's major play to capitalize off this strategy to make him look presidential, discussing foreign policy matters. instead, it is disgraceful, the obama administration's first response was not to condemn the attacks but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks. he's referring to the statement put out by the embassy. after 10:00 p.m. last night. >> to use death for your own political ambitions. what's lower? nothing. >> jennifer: he's a desperate man and he is showing it. and that, i think people are
8:35 am
seeing. it is one of the reasons -- obviously there was a bump from the polls after the convention for the president but you know, his continual desperation, i think, is evident. not to say that there isn't a lot of kinder box going over there and a lot of dicey grounds for the president in this period of time because you just cannot control what happens in other countries. >> especially when you keep quiet. >> jennifer: well, right. the question is how do you respond to that as the challenger and you look like -- you should be looking like a president. and not like a desperate man. >> john: exactly. i think you're right governor. if governor romney had said i stand with our president at this turbulent time. we mourn the loss of american lives, the president and i disagree on some foreign policy issues but we're all united together, he would look like a leader. instead he looked like a politician. >> jennifer: exactly. it is another example of his unpreparedness to accept the role is that he is -- don't you think that it just looks again like he is a puppet. he's a puppet of those who are
8:36 am
begging him to do something. rather than being his own -- his own man. >> just brings up the great ted kennedy line when they were running against each other years ago and ted kennedy said i'm pro-choice and my opponent is multiple choice. >> jennifer: that was the greatest line. >> that's really what it is like. do this, do that, try this, try that. who are you? >> john: governor, you make a good point. up are urt murdoch himself said on twitter that romney has to get rid of his advisors. they keep setting him up to look like a clown. >> jennifer: half of his foreign policy advisors, of course, are the neocons who advised george bush. take that for what it's worth. it is the one area where most people right and left would give the president great -- a great pat on the back for having strong foreign policy. and mitt romney coming and trying to outflank him on the right is -- especially looking desperate at the moment. >> john: the president said i strongly condemn the outrageous attack on our diplomatic city on
8:37 am
benghazi. reince priebus writes he sympathizes for attackers. >> jennifer: when romney put out his statement this morning he used the word leadership a number of times. you have to lead. this is the time when leadership is necessary but he wouldn't -- he didn't say a word about what he would do differently. >> john: exactly right. he misled the american people about what the white house said when he was referring to -- >> jennifer: exactly. it is time to mislead and it is time to mitt lead. >> john: governor, i know you have plenty of republican friends. we all do. are your republican friends as uncomfortable with mitt romney as mine are? >> jennifer: well -- >> john: or would they tell you? >> john: it is not like i have a whole lot of them. >> jennifer: my parents are republicans. although they're the moderate republicans. the republicans whose party has left them. they're sort of charlie christie
8:38 am
in that way. they're uncomfortable with his apparent pandering, it is not that he doesn't have a spine i think. one of the things we were talking about on our show the other night is that his whole strategy to win is to confuse the middle and people have conflated that with a lack of spine. i think it is his strategy. when he looks like he's flip-flopping, you look at his positions, he's like a human war shock test. you can see whatever you want. >> when do you stand-up, there is nothing more pathetic than a comedian who desperately tries to pander to the audience to get the -- the worse you're doing the more you should pull back into who you are. when you start to just try to get laughs, there's nothing sadder. it exactly looks like that to me. >> john: i think you're right elayne. >> you have to find out who you are and stick to it. he doesn't know what he think about anything. you can't just want laughs without having a reason to get them. >> john: that's true. governor, i know your time is short. you're teaching at berkeley.
8:39 am
you're saving the democratic party. >> you've got a stew on the stove. >> john: i have to say what an immense honor it was to work with you and cenk uygur and governor spitzer and vice president gore and of course, joy behar on the coverage. it was really, really a thrill to sit by your side and watch you in action. >> jennifer: sort of interesting the coverage that we had. you know, i'll be curious to see how people viewed it. i know the older you are the more difficult it was to watch all of the tweets go by. the younger you were, the more you're used to multitasking and you loved it. so it is an interesting -- it will be an interesting thing to analyze how people viewed the convention coverage. one thing everyone was unanimous about was that john fuglesang is a star. >> john: bless your heart governor. one last question before i release you. what did you hear from the president about your speech? >> jennifer: the president called me. it was so nice. he called me over the weekend and said that it was really great. the vice president did too. it was very nice of them.
8:40 am
you've got better things to do. >> they did call me, too after your speech. [ laughter ] we talked it over and then i told them to call you. >> john: governor jen granholm, i gotta say you make me proud to be an american and aside from being a terrific governor, you have proven to be a formidable broadcaster. everyone who cares about this country and cares about good tv needs to watch "the war room" at 10:00 p.m. on current tv. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> john: all right john. thanks so much. bye, elayne. >> john: classy lady. >> fantastic. >> she's the real deal. is it break time, tony? do this. that means break for people on the radio. we'll be right back with more of elayne boosler and try to get more of your phone calls in the waning quarter hour of the one the only, "the stephanie miller show." >> hey, a freak show! >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show." >> fox news is like a mecca for
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people who hate mecca. (vo) with exclusive, behind the scenes footage. >> it is a movement. (vo) don't miss stephanie miller"s sexy liberal comedy tour. >> i'm going to go cop some cheap feels. sir... excuse me, excuse me... can i get you to sign off on the johnson case... ♪ we built this city! ♪ don't let food hang around. ♪ on rock & roll! ♪ [ orbit trumpet plays ] clean it up with orbit! [ ding! ] fabulous! for a good clean feeling... eat. drink. chew orbit.
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barack was having to work out the fact that people react to him based on his racial make-up. we go back to see the poeple and events that shaped the life of a man who would become president. [ ♪ music ♪ ] ♪
8:45 am
>> john: this is one of my favorite mashups of all time. this is radiohead of course. this is my favorite radiohead song, high and dry but it's not really high and dry. listen to who this is here on "the stephanie miller show." lovers of good music and good politics. keep it up, tony. here it comes. elayne boosler is here. tony is here. here we go. ♪ baby ♪ >> john: this is marvin gaye and radiohead mashed up
8:46 am
together. >> whoa. >> john: this justifies the entire science of mashups. sexual healing and high and dry. two things that don't go well together actually. you're listening to "the stephanie miller show" and watching us on current tv. elayne boosler i'm so glad you got back from the middle east safely. >> i hope the troops get back safely and in good time. they're living hard out there. there isn't a blade of grass or a drop of rain. it was about 130 degrees every day and at night. they play basketball at night because the sun is down but it is still 130 degrees. they're the most prideful, beautiful, intelligent i mean, strong! if i had a kid, i would put him or her in the military. i'm not kidding. >> john: you were in djibouti djibouti -- >> abu dhabi and qatar. >> john: my mother was so afraid of me going to those places. i was like these aren't the violent places, mom. these are the places before gringos like me can go.
8:47 am
>> it was fascinating. the airlines, they bring out the dinner. they hand us these huge, huge knives and i said apparently they're not afraid of us! >> john: i hope you're watching this, mom. you went because i had to drop out, right? >> i don't know. i think we were both scheduled then you dropped out. i might have filled in for you. those were big shoes. i'm glad i didn't know it. >> john: i wish we had gone together. >> i love the troops. you know, me bearing 18 days of heat is nothing for them bearing ten years of it. >> john: i'm going to have to get a current tv tour of the middle east going for stephanie miller and jennifer granholm and you. >> the mistake we made was going on ramadan because you know how jews are testy after one day of yom kippur fasting. this was a month and i had nobody smile back. they might have. i couldn't see the burkas. >> john: how did the local folks regard our american troops? is it warmly? >> they do not see the troops.
8:48 am
if we go anywhere, they are in cities. >> john: that was my experience in honduras. the troops are not allowed to wear the uniforms. >> for their own safety because the kings don't want to advertise they're there. it is an unspoken -- >> john: same in el salvador. >> and yet we keep it -- status quo. >> john: that's the drug war in those two particular countries. rah-rah. i'm so glad you're back and you look dynamite. you had the starve olympics and -- starvation and sweat diet. >> i pretty much did because i don't eat meat. the army does. my short time there is nothing compared to people doing hard time and on rocks. my admiration is endless for these people and of course, my opening line every night was -- i would look out and say wow i've never seen so many good-looking people who needed money for college. [ laughter ] they all laughed because they went "busted"! >> john: as much as i've admired the military and i've had families serve you really
8:49 am
never appreciate their service until you go there and see how they live. >> it is hard. it is hard. very hard. they just take a metal storage containers and turn them over so you're in the trailer looking metal things. they cut holes out and put in a compressor. there's no regulation on the temperature. you're out in 130. you come in and it is 55 degrees. >> john: when i was in haiti the tents were all air-conditioned. they put me in the officer tent which was nice except they had me on malaria drugs which had -- which caused me hallucinations. i had to go to the air force base in l.a. to get my shot. >> sure it wasn't ambien? >> i took the same thing. >> i don't take ambien. i just watch paul ryan speeches. >> john: are you enjoying mitt romney falling apart? >> i wish we had better people. the country deserves more. >> john: i think the republican party deserves a better nominee. >> they say -- even on tv when
8:50 am
you say it is all crap and people say well, you get the entertainment you deserve if you support it. you get the government you deserve. i don't think that's true. i think we deserve a lot better. people put their hearts and souls into trying to have better government. i pray america doesn't get the reality. >> he said i could say it. i asked him if i could use it. but you know, it is just terrible. it is so unfair to the people, i think. and it is fascinating that all of the people who are against teaching evolution as you mentioned before are the ones who actually support their own cause because you say maybe they're right. they haven't gone anywhere. it is insane. >> john: people opposed to evolution need to do some evolving. jesus's central message was evolve. >> be nice! evolve and be nice. >> john: so you didn't get -- did you get to see the conventions? >> a little bit of it. i did see the democratic convention which i thought bodied much better than the republican convention. >> john: we're biased. we admit that.
8:51 am
even republicans say the democrats put on a better show. >> they do put on the better show. the music was better. i'm a registered independent. i'll go wherever it is best. >> john: same with me. >> first of all, when you can't march out your past president and he was alive and he's the last guy he had what does that tell you? that's scary. number two they so revered reagan and used the reagan playbook. if you read rachel ma dow's book, it is fascinating. the whole thing is the lies that reagan told into the television camera but the difference, they're doing it again but the difference is we didn't have google then. so he got away with it. >> john: reagan once said -- once in a press conference america gives away 93 million free meals a day. he would just make stuff up and reagan, there were moments when he was confused. >> this is early on. >> john: when he was in uniform. he never served. he just played it in a movie.
8:52 am
>> because there was no google then, he got away with it. they're not understanding that look, in a minute, you look up what they've said and they're humiliated. >> john: today's my baby's six month birthday. >> congratulations. >> henry jack was born on mitt romney's birthday so mitt romney, happy birthday 65 1/2 birthday. >> get him a convertible to keep the top up. >> john: exactly right. my son shares a birthday with mitt romney. i had one with charlie sheen i thought i had it bad. mine is a day apart from clinton and madonna. >> john: my kid brother has bill murray. >> he must be so depressed. >> john: my son -- my son shares a birthday with mitt romney and porn star ron jeremy. that giant tool and ron jeremy.
8:53 am
[ laughter ] >> who would you vote for? >> john: where can people follow you? >> just go to elayne to see where i am. please, tails of in my 16th year of animal rescue. beautiful things to buy that you would enjoy and save a life with every purchase and it is inexpensive. >> john: thank you for coming on short notice. thank you for e-mailing me. i'm sorry i got in so late. >> john: i'm playing in madison, wisconsin with hal sparks on the 8th. a show with thurston in brooklyn on the 18th and the sexy liberal comedy tour comes to seattle on saturday the 29th. watch governor granholm at 10:00 p.m. governor spitzer at 8:00 p.m. on current. i'm john fuglesang. you're elayne boosler. we thank you. we'll be back tomorrow. this is "the stephanie miller show" on your radio and current tv.
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